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Story Behind The Song: No Other

  Help me lift my hands to no other. You give the strength I need. You are my victory. Help me set my eyes on no other. You give me sight to see You're everything I need. Jesus, I believe in you. Jesus, Lord of my life. I surrender, I surrender, I surrender Help me set my mind on no other. You give me perfect peace. You are my victory. Help me bow before no other. You are my holy King Deserving everything. You are my joy. You are my peace. You are my hope. You are my Lord. You are my God. You are my King. No Other is a prayer to be fully committed to Jesus and a declaration of who He is.  When we look at the Gospel of Jesus we see that the story begins with the holiness of God and the depravity of humanity.  God created us to be in communion with Him and because of the fall of humanity we are separated from Him.  We see throughout Scripture that God was not willing to leave chasm between us, but that He was going to make a way for us to enter back into relationship with Him. In the

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